Findit: an app for finding rare ingredient



Team Member

Bashayer Algow, Eunjung Yang, Minahil Kasher, Jueun Jeon

My Role

Research, User Interface


Matt Raw

Methods & Tools
Our definition
of preparing

Preparing refers to the act of organizing and gathering ingredients, creating a clean and functional workspace, selecting a recipe, and obtaining the necessary utensils in advance of cooking.

Target Audience
Age: 18+ years old / Location: NYC
  • International residents who are living in New York, looking to make food from their home country
  • People who want to try cooking for different cuisine
Habits & Behaviors
  • Willing to try new foods and flavors
  • They have a preference for authentic, ethnic cuisine that reflects the traditions and culture of their country
  • They are interested in online app services


Audience Needs
Finding stores carrying cuisine specific ingredients
Compare Ingredient prices
Organized grocery lists
Visiting store in person
Facts & Assumptions & Research Methods


Challenge Mapping

By creating a thread of "How might we" statement, we narrowed down to our problem statement.

Problem Statement

How can we improve the way of interacting between sellers and buyers during the first stage of the selling process?

Crazy 8s
Persona Spectrum

We created a persona spectrum based on the permanent, temporary and situational status.

A person on a wheelchair


  • Looking for store
  • How far is the store
  • Looking for accessibility option
  • Aisle Size, how many helpers, how they will carry their ingredients
Broken Hand


  • Looking for store
  • How many helpers
  • How they will carry their ingredients in store
  • How they will carry their ingredients going back to home
  • Delivery option
Full Hand


  • Full of ingredients: Maybe there will be a space that can keep their ingredients / Delivery option
  • Have to buy another ingredient: Our service can suggest the next store based on their location / ingredient
  • How far is the store
  • We can suggest the step (First shop - trader joes / Second one is Whole foods something like this)

We focused on a person on a wheelchair as it covers the more wider range of users.

User Flow

“As an international resident on a wheelchair who live in NY, I want to find a rare ingredients to prepare my country's dishes.”


We conducted user tests to see if our wireframes are working

Task 1: Users want to find the nearest shop that sells mochi ingredient.

Task 2: Add a mochi ingredient then set the destination

Task 3: Users can shop using the navigation inside the market.

Final Wireframe


If we had more time..

What we learned
We can gain insights into what users need and expect from a product or application.

This can help inform the design of wire-frames and ensure that the final product meets the needs of its intended audience.

Wire frames and user testing can help ensure that the product has clear navigation and a logical information architecture.

This can make it easier for users to find the information they need and complete tasks within the application.

Wire frames and user testing can help identify usability issues and pain points that users may encounter when using the product.

This information can be used to refine the design and improve the user experience.

User testing can help prioritize features and functionality based on user needs and preferences.

This can help ensure that the most important features are given priority during development.

Thank you!